MacAdam Making Money Moves


Dalton Flores

With a Gucci belt, Calvin Klein shirt, and a flashy watch, Elliot MacAdam sits on the trunk of his black BMW 2015 428i coupe. With a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder engine, his BMW makes 240 horsepower and 255 lb-ft of torque. Equipped with launch control, it is able to do 0-60 mph in 5.5 seconds.

Dalton Flores, Photo Editor

Being unprepared for the days after graduation is normal for most high school seniors. However, for senior Elliot MacAdam, he’s been adulting for all of high school.

You can’t adult harder than having a full time job, and buying yourself a two door BMW while still in high school.

Most adults can agree that the hardest task one must learn as they grow up, is balance. Whether it be balancing the time you spend studying for your classes, or balancing your school, work, and social life, something MacAdam already has figured out.

I’m able to sit down and focus whenever I need to and whenever I can.”

— Elliot MacAdam

MacAdam has worked for four and a half years, and currently works for Joovy, which is a baby product and stroller company. His official job title is Video Producer, and he works on making informational videos about the products they sell which includes specs, and the timeline of how long the customers will be able to use their products.

MacAdam started a clothing company called Trend Setter 2 years ago, and recently sold his business for a profit. So essentially he did better than break even, all of the money he put into it to start, the money he had to put down before selling product, was all made back not only by his product sales, but in the end when he sold his brand.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday is when he goes to school,but he only has two classes on-campus. After this, he goes to work at Joovy and make content to promote the company and increase sales along with customer satisfaction.

“I’m able to sit down and focus whenever I need to and whenever I can. That frees me up to be able to work as much as I do and still be able to be a student,” MacAdam says.

MacAdam has spent four years mastering the art of juggling a very time demanding job with the rest of struggles and responsibilities of being a high school student.

On days he doesn’t have school, MacAdam works 9-5 as Video Producer, where he has to recruit his own actors, design his props, and shoot the project all with high quality equipment. On top of this, MacAdam also edits the video himself.

MacAdam advises those that want to follow his lead to “dive in and learn as much as you can about Ecommerce, Drop shipping, and Shopify.” He punctuated the importance of learning to use the internet to make a profit, which he calls “WiFi Money.”

MacAdam said that he will eventually get back into business, and after high school he plans on attending Saddleback for two years while continuing to work, then transferring to USC to study business and eventually become an entrepreneur. In the future, MacAdam plans on having a business model that allows him to make money anywhere he has WiFi, because internet markets are booming, and consumers are always spending.