Hudson Jones Rises to Varsity


Bella Colby

Hudson Jones (10), starts as quarterback at the Homecoming football game.

Lucy Hughitt, Staff Writer

Something life-changing happened to sophomore, Hudson Jones at SJHHS’ homecoming game.

Jones was asked by his coach to start as quarterback on first string. He was initially nervous, it was the biggest game of the year after all. However, with the support of his teammates and the ever-nearing time to take on the opposing team, his nerves were quick to turn into excitement.

The sophomore class was able to spot their fellow classmate starting in the game right away, they began cheering him on and holding up a sign that read “#Hudszn.” The game ended with a score of 56 to 10, and SJHHS ended up crushing Aliso Niguel High School by a whopping 46 points.

Jones felt like his passes could have been more accurate, but overall felt like he played pretty well. After his homecoming game his coach. Eric Frith, predicted that Hudson would start for the rest of the season and he was right. Hudson became a key component to the Stallion offense.

“A moment I’d never forget”, says the quarterback about this experience.

The sophomore wasn’t just randomly picked to be the starting quarterback at the homecoming game, he’s put a lot of effort into his football career. He’s played for four years, beginning his strenuous football legacy in sixth grade. During his off season, he practices for two hours everyday, and while in season he practices for two hours on the field, also spending an hour in the classroom watching film.

Jones doesn’t want his football career to stop here in high school. He hopes to play football in college, hopefully at USC, his dream school. He then wants to pursue a career in business as an entrepreneur.

Jones looks forward to the years to come in his football career.