Last Man Stretching


Grace Aitken

Aguirre-Stanton, along with the rest of the 5th period yoga class, demonstrate the Sukhasana pose, also known as the “Easy Pose.” This, along with other yoga poses the students learn help maintain physical and mental health.

Jonny Schniepp, Staff Writer

Yoga, a practice that is over 5,000 years old, has been exploding in popularity in recent years, especially here in Orange County and has semi-recently made itself into the course stream at SJHHS.

It is safe to say that that the activity has been heavily predominated by females, even here at SJHHS. Recent studies have deduced that 72% of those who practice yoga are indeed female ( This surplus of females in the yoga world holds true here at SJHHS as there is only one male enrolled in the course this year. Liam Aguirre-Stanton is this one male.

Liam, a sophomore is taking part in his first year in the program this year. But, he is no stranger to the art as he has been practicing yoga for a number of years before beginning the course here at school.

It’s very good if you have a lot of anxieties about all your classwork as well

— Liam Aguire-Stanton

The fact that he is the only male in the class, “makes it a bit awkward” as he is often “thrust into the light” due to his male presence. This bit of awkwardness does not discourage him as he enjoys it very much and finds it as a “relaxing class.”

What may be news to some is the fact that the practice of yoga involves far more than stretching, breathing and meditation. As Liam describes a typical Wednesday as, “ heavy workout days” as they engage in a number of physically challenging activities like push-ups and planks.

This course reaps far more rewards than just physical as it can center your mind and thoughts, it can greatly benefit your mental health as well. As Liam describes, “it’s very good if you have a lot of anxieties about all your classwork as well”, as it is a great outlet for stress and anxiety.

Liam’s enthusiasm for the class is unwavering despite being the only male in the class.