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Starbucks Secret Menu

Nate Giraud, Staff Writer

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There are many different restaurants and eateries that contain secret menu items. It’s become a tradition in pleasing customers with a mystery meal and making them feel like they’re a part of an exclusive VIP club.

Starbucks seems to be following the bandwagon of secret menu items most recently, but Starbucks has a new approach to selling these “exclusive” drinks.

Starbucks’ secret menu items have a unique taste that no drinks on the menu compare to. But not only that, they have a one of a kind look. The ones recently have complimented the upcoming summer season with their bright colors and fun names.

First, they had the Unicorn Frappuccino, and now the Dragon Frappuccino. These drinks are not known for their taste. Some might even say they were not nearly as good as the other regular menu items at Starbucks.

“The Unicorn Frappuccino is way too sweet. It’s basically just melted down sugar. But I have to admit that it looks pretty cool,” says Gia Dejohn, a student and apparent critic of Starbucks drinks.

But alas, these drinks of beauty have been very well received by the public. It seems they have been bought not for the taste but specifically for their appearance, which is definitely a new development in the mentality of the classical secret menu.

Most would think that the whole idea of a secret menu is to get something un-traditionally tasty, but Starbucks has changed the game. The colors and patterns in their secret menu items have been attracting so much attention that people don’t care about the taste. They would rather make their social media have a pretty picture of an odd looking drink.

Although some might take this as a ridiculous mentality of appearance over substance, in reality, it is a very smart marketing plot that has been working very well.

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