Grace Jones Starts Her Own Business: Goats and Co.


Photo Courtesy of Hannah Mincer

Grace Jones, a student at SJHHS and the owner of Grace’s Goats and Soaps, is seen embracing one of the goats that inspired her business. The goats provide milk that helps Jones create natural and organic body products like soap bars, bath bombs, and more.

Katie Brubaker, Staff Writer

A new entrepreneur has set up shop in San Juan Capistrano. Her businesses’ main source of revenue: goats.

Grace Jones, a junior at SJHHS, is the owner and mastermind behind the innovative company Grace’s Goats & Soaps. In  August, Jones decided that it was time she started a fully functioning goat product based business.

“I initially started my business because I wanted to make money off of something I genuinely like doing,” said Jones.

Her body and skin care products include scrubs, bath bombs, goat milk soaps, hand salves, and body butters that are 100% handmade. “They are completely natural and organic ingredients mixed with goat milk for the soaps; all the other products are just natural ingredients,” said Jones.

Out of all the products, Jones highly recommends her peppermint body butter.

It is also said that goats’ milk is great for the skin. Jones said, “There are a lot of benefits to goat milk products. The milk is extremely nourishing and moisturizing for the skin.”

However, the goat milk made product business is not all fun and games; it requires a great deal of attention and time according to Jones.

“In all, it takes around two to three weeks for the soap to pure, but for the initial making, probably three hours for each batch, which makes about twelve bars,” said Jones.

Jones is the commander and chief of all matters regarding her business and is completely responsible for all things goat. “I am alone in this process. My parents are great about paying for the supplies, but it’s mostly just me and the goats,” said Jones.

On top of having her own business, Jones has the job of caring and grooming nine lovely goats. “Their names are Wild-flower, Dandelion, Daisy, Willow, Pepper, Pine, Moose, Sunflower, and Lavender,” said Jones. However, with an anxious look, she added, “There are more on the way!”

Not only is her line of work enjoyable, it’s lucrative. Jones and her goats are doing quite well overall in the body care product industry. “Business is really good. I typically do pop up shops at my farm whenever I have time,” said Jones. “I post on my Instagram @ggsoaps whenever I’m going to do one.”