When I was a Freshman…I wish I…

Mia N. Jones, Staff Writer

I Wish001We know, high school can look a little daunting to the new student or incoming freshmen, and many parents and kids feel they are walking into a fog when knowing what is right in order to succeed, have fun, and in some cases, just survive.  

Most of what you need to know is what is gained through trial and error–sorry Freshman you’re going to have to stick through it–and even some veterans of the high school game have not gotten the hang of it just yet.  Although, it never hurts to get some advice from some newly-fresh students who think they have learned a thing or two about what goes on at SJHHS.  



“I wish I would have taken Spanish in middle school.” -Sam Newman (10)

“I wish I studied and didn’t procrastinate.” -Jack Maloney (9)

“I wish I used my planner.” -Tiffany Brieg (9)

“I wish I knew I couldn’t use my phone as a calculator during a test.  After like five times of doing it, my teacher was all like, ‘Rylee, what the heck?” -Rylee Monaghan (9)

“I wish I had been more responsible.” -Abbey Bostic (10)

“I wish I knew what classes I should have taken, ahead of time.” -Abby Fehlman (9)

“I wish I knew how hard my classes would be.” -Cooper Rapp (9)

“I wish I didn’t procrastinate and actually did my homework.” -Ashley Gilliam (10)



“I wish I bought a smaller backpack.” -Olivia Fu (10)

“I wish I knew that you have so much time in between classes because I always rushed and got there way too early.” -Isabelle Bolotin (9)

“I wish I knew how awesome the dances were.” -Cole Lowey (9)

“I wish I knew that I had more time to get to class because I was always the first one there.” -Collette Curtis (9)

“I wish I would have known how friendly people in activities were because it’s a really great way to make friends.” -Jordan Edwards (10)

“I wish I had known that you don’t have to sprint to every class.” -Gavin Aitken (10)

“I wish I could be able to walk up the right side of the stairs.” -Lauren Precioso (9)

“I wish I knew the bell schedule.” -Trent Bell (9)