Teen Workers Juggle Jobs and School


Students are faced with an overwhelming amount of stress from school and friends. It surely does not make it any easier to add work responsibilities onto their everyday life.

“Yes, it is hard to manage my schedule because I am on call so I have to call in an hour before my shift to see if they need me, so I kinda can’t make plans.” said Alexis Soto (11), the Sales Associate at Justice and Brothers

Not everyone reacts the same with stress. For some students it brings out the best side of them, like great management or organization skills, and it may seem very easy.

Christian Lybarger (12) has been working at Pavilions for over a year, and he finds it easy to balance school and work.

“I still have enough free time even though I have work and school,” said Lybarger.

For others, dealing with all of these commitments may scare them away from getting a job or putting in 100% into their job, fearing they will fall behind in school.

Another huge part of getting a job is the interview process. For some jobs or internships, the interview and application process can be very stressful and time consuming. Internships at large companies are more rigorous than part time jobs that students may have in high school. Normally they require a resume, phone call, and in person interview.

Putting together a resume may seem complicated and difficult, but different templates like this one can make your resume look professional.

Taylor Murawski (11) is currently applying for a job at Tilly’s. At her interview, she was asked to put together an outfit for a girl who is going on a date, and explain her choice of outfit to the manager.

“I know I will learn a lot from joining the workforce and can’t wait to start this new chapter in my life” said Murawski.