Teacher Feature: Welcome Mr. Ushino


Dallas Varner

Michael Ushino practices with his third period choir class diligently.

San Juan Hills is excited to welcome Mr.Ushino to our campus! “Everyone at San Juan Hills is great its been fun from day one, it doesn’t feel like work really, it feels like I’m coming here to have fun,” Mr.Ushino said.  Mr.Ushino is a talented instructor whose interests range from training as a black belt to listening to jazz, folk, and classical music.

Mr. Ushino, earned his bachelor of arts at the University of California, Irvine and received his masters in music at California State University, Long Beach.

Mr. Ushino runs chamber choir, which is the most advanced choir at San Juan Hills. They focus on learning a range of music and genres. One of his students Jasmine Powell who in both concert choir and chamber choir said, “I love the environment in choir we call are family its a good to know i have a place to come to.”

Along with chamber choir, he teaches concert choir. There’s no audition necessary. You just need to love singing. They learn many different genres of music, not just pop. Madrigals, the all girls group that practices during third period, is the newest addition to SJHHS choir.

Furthermore, Mr.Ushino teaches Commercial Music, a class where students learn how to compose music for the mass market, during fifth period.

Choir is always looking for new people to join. It’s a great way to meet people that share the same musical taste and love to sing. Choir’s first concert is October 21, click here to buy tickets online.