Something for Everyone at Club Rush

A student leaves their name and contact information the Latino Unid club.

McKenzie M, A&E Editor

Students gathered in the upperquad Friday afternoon for the annual event of Club Rush.  Presidents and leaders of the 2017-2018 clubs set up booths with treats, flyers, and sign-up sheets inviting students to join their club.

This recruitment event is a great way for stallions to become more involved with their school as well as getting to know more people with similar interests.  

This year we have 80 clubs at our school providing students with many opportunities to get involved.

It’s important for students to get involved especially when it is supporting a good cause

— Solei Sarmiento, President of the Africa Project club

Out of some of SJHHS’s brand new clubs, Solei Sarmiento and Katie Hansen lead the Africa Project club to support those suffering with AIDS and HIV in Africa. “It’s important for students to get involved especially when it is supporting a good cause,” said Sarmiento.

There are many other charitable clubs on campus such as NHS; the Halo club, which raises awareness for Autism; Make a Wish Club Pink Ribbon club, and many more.

The SETA club had an attention-grabbing poster and were handing out cookies to students for their second year as a club at SJHHS. Co-Presidents Ava Bachelder and Chloe Tilton tell the Express, “Our club donates to a lot of causes that help better the environment and make better situations for animals in our community.”

Even though SJHHS is a public school, many students take this opportunity to connect with other students religiously. Clubs such as Cookies and Christ, Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), and Jews and Juice to unite students in their beliefs.  

President of Cookies and Christ, Ashley Hoffman says that she is proud to be apart of this club because it has been around since the time the school opened. “This club is unique because it helps students connect with other Christians around our campus and brings them closer to God and each other,” said Hoffman.

Whether one would like to get involved academically, physically, mentally, creatively, charitably, or religiously, there is something for everyone at Club Rush.