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A symbol of American culture, movie theatres are finally reopening; however, that doesnt mean it will be a complete return to normalcy.

Movie Theatres Are Returning. I’m Excited. Aren’t you?

Evan Jones, Staff Writer October 17, 2020

One of America’s oldest pastimes has been suddenly ripped away from us, and it’s felt more than unusual not to be able to go to the movies on a Friday night. Although, after several months of being...

After a resurgence years after its initial launch, Among Us has become a fan favorite for its murder mystery style gameplay

There is a New Hit Game “Among Us”

Sydney Wolfe, Staff Writer October 17, 2020

Online social deduction style game, Among Us, which was seemingly unheard of less than a month or so ago, has quickly become a global hit.  Among Us is a multiplayer online video game released in the...

In 2018, TikTok was released worldwide and  has seen unprecedented growth ever since. Its popularity, especially amongst teenagers, makes it one of the most popular apps of this generation.

TikTok: The App That Became a Worldwide Phenomenon

Hannah White, Staff Writer September 21, 2020

Popular app, TikTok, has caught the likes of teenagers everywhere, causing a global obsession. Tik Tok is a Chinese social networking service owned by ByteDance, created by Zhang Yiming in September...

Mulan (2020) made its debut on September 4, 2020 and immediately faced controversy. The filming location, Xinjiang, is especially disputed, considering Xinjiang is also the area holding Muslim concentration camps.

The Controversy Behind the New Mulan (2020) Movie

Alyssa Morrone, Staff Writer September 20, 2020

Disney’s much-anticipated “Mulan” reboot has finally been released to the public, but it has received immediate backlash due to the filming location, Xingjian, a region of China that currently has...

Kids sit by a TV screen to watch a movie. Majority of people find themselves doing the same thing due to the lockdown on account of COVID-19.

Top 5 Series to Binge Over Quarantine

Eva Smedeby , Entertainment Editor April 17, 2020

With all the madness going on right now, a good movie is what everyone needs to get by. Fortunately for us, the endless days indoors give us time, but the hard part can be finding movies and shows that...

Archaeologist/author Seth Mallios offered a tour of Harrisons cabin site on Palomar Mountain to visitors in July of 2019. Students from SDSU have contributed to the excavation over the last 20 years.

Born a Slave, Died a Pioneer

Bill Kaiser, Newspaper Adviser February 28, 2020

In the late 1800’s former slave, Nate Harrison, often boldly told travelers heading up the long, steep road to the top of Palomar Mountain he was the “first white man on the mountain.” This seemingly...

Actresses, (from left to right) Eliza Scanlen, Saoirse Ronan, Laura Dern and Florence PughGreta Gerwig talk among themselves in the movie “Little Women.” Florence PughGreta Gerwig, playing Amy March, tells her mother and sisters that she was invited to travel to Europe with her aunt. Amy was picked out of all of the sisters because their aunt believed she was most likely to find a rich man to marry.

‘Little Women’ Creates A New Perspective on Women

Ella Villar , Managing Editor February 3, 2020

Recipient of six Academy Award nominations, Greta Gerwig’s adaptation of Little Women recognizes the importance of women in all epochs. The story follows the March sisters Jo, Meg, Beth and Amy, from...

Art by Ryan Healy

Upcoming Shows of 2020

Kaitlyn Kittredge, Staff Writer February 3, 2020

With a new year comes new resolutions, new people, and most excitingly new TV shows. Take a look at eight of the most anticipated television series of 2020. Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist: In this...

Jojo Rabbit is one of the Best Films of the Year

Jojo Rabbit is one of the Best Films of the Year

Ben Bartlett , Sports Editor January 15, 2020

Jojo Rabbit, the newest film from writer-director Taika Waititi, is a hilarious and touching World War II satire.  This was an incredibly risky follow-up to Waititi’s 2017 hit, Thor: Ragnorok. The...

Juliet Capulet, played by Lily Shaw, fakes her death by a medicine from Friar Lawrence, the night before her arranged marriage to avoid having to marry Paris. Romeo Montegue, played by Grant Halliburton believes she is dead, and drinks poison from an apothecary because he does not want to live a life without her. Juliet wakes up from her sleep to see Romeo dead, and stabs herself to be with him.

Romeo and Juliet Production Set in Era of Equality

Nikki Iyer, Staff Writer December 13, 2019

Romeo and Juliet made its debut December 4-7 in the Black Box. In this production, written by William Shakespeare, certain male roles were played by females. Actors Repertoire, the highest level of...

Art by Ella Villar

The Best of the 2010’s

Kate Meyers, News Editor November 3, 2019

Throughout the 2010s, music has developed greatly in all kinds of genres. The decade introduced new alternatives of pop, hip-hop, and rap, encouraging entirely new styles in fashion. 2010: The release...

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