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  • Cina Abedzadeh named new principal of SJHHS at June 12 board meeting
Alex Torres (11) sits in the pool as Phaeton, the son of Apollo, played by Joel Robinson (11) as he recounts the story of his life to a therapist in a more modern retelling of his Greek story.

Behind the Scenes, and Into the Pool

Sandhya Ganesan, Co-Editor-in-Chief December 12, 2021

In addition to the intensive preparation actors have to do to successfully execute productions to the caliber of SJHHS Theatre’s previous productions, many hours were put into the set design and costume...

POV: A camera pans to you sitting at the fireplace, reading a book recommended by your English teacher.

English Teachers Refresh Your Book Reccomendations

Gabby Laurente, Editor-in-Chief December 12, 2021

The English Department has evaluated all of their favorite books and compiled a list of their most esteemed recommendations for every occasion. As we enter the holiday season, these recommendations enable...

The very simplistic set of this production, with all the scenes centered around the pool, creates an incredibly complex tone and allows for a true display of the actors abilities and dramatic lighting affects.

Metamorphoses Production Wins First in the State

Alyssa Morrone, Staff Writer December 12, 2021

From opening to closing night, the production of “Metamorphoses” produced by the Stallion Theatre Company has been a monumental success with immersive storytelling of ancient Greek myths, brought to...

Pride and Prejudice was the first live production since the pandemic nearly 18 months ago, and the play blew expectations out of the water. Running from October 27-30, the show centered around the Bennett family daughters, mainly Elizabeth Bennett, and their struggle to find love and stability as poor gentry. Pictured here, Darcy and Elizabeth embrace after she accepts his proposal, concluding the play.

Pride and Prejudice Opens a New Year of Theatre

Cooper Aitken, Entertainment Editor November 3, 2021

From the hit Netflix series Squid Game to the global phenomena of K-pop, the popularity of Asian media and entertainment has widely spread around the world, especially in the west.

The Growing Popularity of East Asian Media and Culture

Sydney Wolfe, Photo Editor November 1, 2021

It’s mid-October and your friend asks, “What episode are you on?” They don’t have to clarify because you know exactly what they’re referring to: the foreign Netflix series, which seemingly everyone...

Ewan Herd (12) plays Mr. Darcy in the Stallion Theatre Companys fall production Pride and Prejudice. Herd is one of the many dedicated thespians involved in multiple shows all at the same time.

Students in Drama Department Prepare for Multiple Shows this Season

Sydney Wolfe, Photo Editor October 30, 2021

The Stallion Theatre Company has returned to the stage with multiple productions currently in the works. Many students in theatre are participating in all three of the productions being prepared for the...

Sophomore Lisa Gnielinski recently starred as Elle Woods in the Legally Production at SJHHS. Before that, she was Dorothy Gale in the Wizard of Oz at the Moonlight Amphitheatre. Gnielinski is grateful for her theater opportunities, and is excited to continue to expand her knowledge in the industry.

Underclassman Stars as Elle in Legally Blonde

Nikki Iyer, News Editor October 28, 2021

450 people. Waiting. Watching.  It may be difficult to perform to so many people, but sophomore Lisa Gnielinski makes it look easy. The Swiss-German immigrant recently starred as Elle Woods in the...

Adele has been a prominent figure in the music industry since 2008, the year when she released her debut album, 19. For more than a decade she has been in the spotlight for her emotional ballads and powerful vocals. Now, the singer is in the spotlight for more superficial reasons.

No, Adele did not “Glow-Up”

Anna Ho, Staff Writer October 28, 2021

15 Grammys. 4 Billboard #1 singles. 1 Academy Award. Adele has received all of these accolades and many more. Her newest album, 30, is to be released on November 19. Why is it that her numerous achievements...

Aiden Briggs (10), Aishah Flores (12), and Bella Gordon (12) are on the audio team for Pride and Prejudice. Here they are operating the audio board which controls all sounds, music, and actor’s mics.

What is Tech Week?

Cooper Aitken, Entertainment Editor October 28, 2021

Pride and Prejudice, showing from October 27 to October 30, is the first live Theatre production in one and a half years. One of the most discussed aspects of being involved in theatre on campus is tech...

Connor Keithley (12) sings Hellfire from the Hunchback of Notre Dame, a show virtually streamed by the Theatre Department last school year. The Orchestra and Choir perform in the background, as San Juan Hills is the only school in the district that has a live band for the musicals. The collaborative effort between the various departments to organize the various musicals throughout the year embodies what it means to Ride for the Brand.

Musical Showcase- A Trilogy of Talent

Cooper Aitken, Entertainment Editor October 19, 2021

Selvarajan Uma poses for a photo, acting as if she were fastening an earring, that was included in her arangetram brochure.

Student On Campus Shares Experiences in Cultural Dance

Sandhya Ganesan, Co-Editor-In-Chief October 14, 2021

While the dance program on campus is extremely large in membership, there are also student dancers who refine their talent outside of school. One of these students is senior Varshitha Selvarajan Uma, who...

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