AP Art Portfolios: A Collection

Current students are putting their art portfolios together this AP testing period. In Melanie Hui’s (10) portfolio, she includes one titled Judgment.

Alyssa Morrone, Entertainment Editor

Art is arguably one of the most unique classes offered to students, as they can find in it the opportunity to utilize an outlet for expression, relaxation, and experiment with things, all traditionally not available in other classes. 

The curriculum of the course itself is equally unique, especially for AP art classes such as AP Drawing and AP 2D Art and Digital Design. Instead of a final test, students work on various pieces throughout the year, culminating in a final portfolio, which is sent to the College Board during the traditional testing period.

This offers students a great deal of freedom in what they learn and how they work. Avery Arman, the resident art teacher at SJHHS, encourages her students to be creative and enjoys seeing how different each portfolio looks.

“It’s so fun to see what kids come up with, everyone is so different…The goal is to not only make visually interesting art, but also art that makes you think,” says Arman.

Apart from the fun and artistic aspects of the course, the class still requires a level of commitment to creating their works. The courses are advanced placement, so students must work to create equally advanced works and show improvement just as with any other class.

“Students have tons of freedom, but also need to be good at time management and be responsible self-starters to make sure they stay on track and creating,” says Arman.

If students are interested in joining these courses, they are required to take at least one year of art at the school or show some of their pieces to be placed in the right spot for their skill level. For any interested students, Arman encourages a visit to room E17 for more information.

“AP art is a really chill class that allows me to be creative and experiment with art and grow as an artist, which is a lot of fun,” said sophomore Melanie Hui.

Inside an art student’s portfolio is especially different from any other AP final as it is not just a reflection of the retention of what the students have learned throughout the year, but a reflection of their personality and style as a person.

Being in an AP art class is a hard task, but the finished products of seeing their development from start to finish elevate the course to be such a rewarding experience.