Dance Student Choreography Show Takes to “The Dark Side”


Avery Koenig

Dancers Kate Hoskin (10), Renne Trice (10), Maggie Flores (10), Grace Ober (10), Alexa Delgado (10), Evelyn Velazquez (11), and Olivia Carrillo (11) practice for the upcoming showcase. Their dance tells the story of a robbery.

Avery Koenig, Arts/Graphics Editor

Star Wars. Medusa. Despicable Me. What “The Dark Side” really means is up for interpretation, but at the upcoming dance show, the audience will discover what it is to the SJHHS dance program. 

With the theme “The Dark Side,” each routine is choreographed by the students themselves, with levels ranging from beginner to advanced. Each group has full freedom to choreograph with their favorite dance styles, choose their own music, and demonstrate their artistic skills. 

“I want them to learn teamwork and I want them to be able to work hard. You need to stay disciplined to achieve success but it’s important to remember to have fun. I want my students to be next-level thinkers and solve problems. I have a lot of kids who meet their best friends in dance class,” said Calder 

One group decided to tell a story about “Cops and Robbers” through their dance.

“We’re robbers. The style is hip-hop. We rob a bank and use the money we robbed to go shopping. We are just feeling ourselves with the song playing in the background. At the end of the dance we get caught by the police,” said beginner dancer, junior Olivia Carrillo.

All the audience knows is entertainment. You have to entertain your audience

— Shaili Lebaschi

Another went with “Star Wars.”

“We have the good side and the bad side. On the bad side, we have Darth Vader and four stormtroopers. For the good side we have Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, and C-3PO,” said beginning intermediate dancer, sophomore Hazel Fuhz.

Ultimately, the showcase is a competition between the seventeen groups of dancers. Winners are voted on by the audience, fellow dancers, and coach Christine Calder. Categories include “Audience Favorite,” “Dancer’s Choice,” and “Calder’s Pick.”

“For ‘Calder’s Pick’ I am able to see what goes on behind the scenes and the hard work the students are actually putting in compared to what meets the eye. There are groups that put in extra time like after school or on weekends. Everything behind it counts,” said Calder. 

However, the audience only gets a brief glimpse into the performance, and dancers have a job to entertain.

I learned that when you have fun with it you will have a better chance of winning…All the audience knows is entertainment. You have to entertain your audience,” said beginning intermediate dancer, junior Shaili Lebaschi.

The showcase is on February 9 and 10 at 6 p.m. in the theater, buy tickets here.