San Juan Hills Participates in District Honor Choir


Dalton Flores

At rehearsal, all the high schools participating in the performance mix together, creating a sense of unity when rehearsing.

Connor Rose, Staff Writer

Capistrano Unified School District’s Honor Choir is held at Segerstrom Hall, where SJHHS stallions were able to sing with other schools, learning music together as one team. The usual school rivalries were put aside for the sake of art and expression in a one-night event that amazed and emotionally moved the audience.

The opportunity to find unity in art is truly breathtaking and impactful”

The joint choir, led by conductor Jaclyn Johnson, individually learned 4 songs a month prior to the concert. Then, the day before, all choirs in the district come together to rehearse before the performance.

The high schools, including San Juan Hills, Tesoro, San Clemente, and Aliso Niguel, all worked together in a positive atmosphere, collaborating and bonding in their downtime. “The other choirs sounded amazing and were extremely easy to talk to!” said San Juan senior Nick Crisito, a section leader in our chamber choir.

Many of the high school students had high praise for Johnson, who helped improve their vocal technique in new ways and help hone their teamwork skills. “She was so passionate and filled with fire and did an amazing job at getting is to show our emotions to spread a message of unity and thankfulness” says senior Anthea Fisher about Johnson

The response from both choir members and the audience said it all: the opportunity to find unity in art is truly breathtaking and impactful.