Little Women Slideshow

Sophomore Presley Nicholson performs as the protagonist Clarissa in Jo March’s story. She is escaping the antagonist, Braxton, and takes a moment to sing about her struggle.

Makayla Walders and Sandhya Ganesan

SJHHS’s theater department has recently reminded us of the value of family and the importance of hope. Set in the time period of the civil war in Concord, Massachusetts, “Little Women” narrates a story of the four March sisters, Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy.

Throughout this two hour play, the sisters explore what it means to be a women in their society, and find happiness in their newly formed relationships. “We have many strong female performers this year and we wanted to feature them as heavily as we featured our male actors last year in Les Miserables. Also we wanted to provide a classic story beloved by many” director Cambria Graff said.  

The main character, Jo, played by senior Lila Holley, experiences the struggle of navigating her relationships and learning how they affect her own passions. On top of her dream to be a writer, she has to learn to deal with the loss of her sister Beth and the conflict between growing up and maintaining her youthful spirit.  

However, she did not face this struggle alone, her family showed her support, and the relationships she made along the way truly develop her into the young woman the audience witnesses at the end of the play.

The beautiful music and dramatization of Alcott’s novel create a charismatic and family oriented musical that not only is wonderful to watch but can reflect our own family dynamic.

— Cambria Graff and Casey Garritano

Part of what makes this play so fascinating is the hope the family has. Even in times of loss and confusion, Jo and her sisters remain strong and continue to support each other.

“Jo’s journey is not measured in miles but in the relationship she has with her writing, her childhood home, her mother, and most importantly her sisters,” wrote directors Graff and Casey Garritano. “Little Women is about the journey to discover yourself, and how that is the biggest adventure of all” Graff said.   

The sisters, all unique and special in their own ways, come together before the audience to tell a beautiful coming of age story to highlight the value of family in a young woman’s life.   

“The beautiful music and dramatization of Alcott’s novel create a charismatic and family oriented musical that not only is wonderful to watch but can reflect our own family dynamic,” wrote Graff and Garritano.

These strong familial bonds that are developed also teach the girls how to continue to be family, even when they are not physically together. With the thought of graduation ahead, this lesson learned by the March sisters is perfectly applicable to its high school audience.

However, what was arguably the most important message of the play was the strength Jo carried to persevere in the face of tragedy. “My favorite moment in the show personally is the final sequence of Days of Plenty and Fire Within Me. Jenna Hussli as Marmee has an incredibly powerful voice and her communication as she consoles me after my sister’s death is so heartbreaking,” Holley says. “This family is devastated by loss and confusion, but their endless love for each other keeps them together.”

Even in light of their sister Beth’s passing, Jo and her sisters never lose sight of their dreams, and continue on in pursuit of their passions. This is especially true of Jo, who has to be encouraged to start writing again after the tragic loss of her sister.

What cannot be overshadowed in this play is the power the women display. Regardless of what society expects, Jo continues to follow her destiny, wherever it may lead. She never lets anything, men or tragedy (sometimes both), ever deter her.

These young actresses, who have been working on this production since October, are the true embodiment of powerful women. The tear jerking play encouraged us all to remind ourselves of the little women who have a significant impact in our lives today.