Bird Box Breaks the Internet


Photo Courtesy of Flikr

Makayla Walders, Staff Writer

Sweeping the internet, Netflix’s original film Bird Box received over 45 million views in one week- breaking the record for the best opening week of a Netflix film ever.

This popularity and praise is deservedly so, as the film is unique, captivating, and suspenseful. The story follows leading actress Sandra Bullock as Malory, an independent, ass-kicking mom who is determined to lead two children, Boy and Girl, to safety while blindfolded.

Her “tough love” for the small children grasps the viewer’s attention instantaneously and heightens the severity of survival. It was clever to develop her persona with a hard personality rather than a nurturing one. Instead of trying to make light of the situation they are in, she forces her baby birds out of the nest, teaching them that there is no comfort in surviving.

With a presence sweeping the world that draws those who see it to immediately end their life, chaos is unavoidable. Seeking refuge, the three must travel down a turbulent river- blindfolded. All with the hope that what they have heard is at the end of the river is actually there.

This popularity and praise is deservedly so, as the film is unique, captivating, and suspenseful”

The film presents this story in two ways: life during the breakout of this presence, and life a few years after as Malory travels down the river. They go back and forth, leaving one to go to the other at the moments of heightened suspense- leaving the viewer just enough on the edge of their seat. Meeting together finally, the ending is anything but what was expected.

Misconceived as a scary movie, similar to John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place, Bird Box was more of a suspenseful film than horror. It has more of a developed plot than horror films which tend to have a surface level story line with jump scares every other minute. This film keeps viewers interacted in different ways. For starters, the characters cannot see all of their surroundings and things essential to their survival, but the viewer can- dramatic irony in a sense. Furthermore, the split plot leaves the viewer in a constant state of anticipation.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with Bird Box. Netflix really outdid themselves with this one.