2018 Most Popular Trends


Grace Aitken

2018 was filled with many fashion trends, including teddy jackets, air pods, and kanken bags. It also saw the return of many former trends, like scrunchies, birkenstocks, and corduroy.

Eva Smedeby, Staff Writer

As 2018 came to an end, and the new year just beginning, one can assume that most everyone will be busy writing their New Year’s Resolutions to accommodate to their “new year new me” bucketlist. But with so much of the future on everyone’s minds, people can’t help but let all the trends and events from the year prior slip from their minds. For memories sake, here are some of the most popular trends that shaped our 2018 year.

If you were to own any Xbox or Playstation 4 you most likely have played or heard of Fortnite. The game first hit platforms July 25, 2017, but didn’t reach its peak of popularity until summer 2018. Stars such as Drake, Travis Scott, and Finn Wolfhard played Fortnite, and gamers even found themselves making a living off of it, live streaming a video recording of their game on Twitch.

Ninja, a Fortnite twitcher, made $3.5million in 2018, and now makes $550,500 monthly off of Twitch. Fortnite became so popular in 2018, that the creators made the game available on other platforms such as android and ios, making it available on almost every device.

Although, the summer of 2018 wasn’t completely overtaken by Fortnite, as Drake released his hit single “In My Feelings” or rather known as “Kiki Do You Love Me”.

The song was played almost everywhere, and was even transformed into a dance where someone would dance on the side of a moving car. People would video record themselves doing the dance, to later post on social media platforms such as Instagram, Tik Tok, and Youtube.

Not only were people jamming out to Drake in 2018, as artist Billie Eilish had songs of her own to compete with Drake’s on the top charts. At just 14 years old, Eilish released her first debut single “Ocean Eyes” in October 2015. Following the single, Billie released album, “Don’t Smile At Me”, in 2017, but it wasn’t until 2018 when her songs such as “Lovely” and “When The Party’s Over” that really brought her to the rise of fame.

In a video titled “Same Interview, One Year Apart” by Vanity Fair, Billie answered questions of a then age of 15, with an Instagram following of 257K, vs. a year later in 2018 at 16 years old with a vast 6.3M following.

People would video record themselves doing the dance, to later post on social media platforms such as Instagram, Tik Tok, and Youtube.”

Along with Eilish’s success, Youtuber Emma Chamberlain also rose to fame in the 2018 year. Starting her Youtube channel mid-2016, Chamberlain published her first Youtube video entitled, ‘City Inspired Summer Lookbook.’ From there, Emma began posting vlogs, only to later post various types of content, such as storytimes, DIYs and workout routines.

Her first hit was her video entitled “We All Owe The Dollar Store An Apology” which reached over a million views, a huge viewing from her mere couple thousand followers. From there, her views and followers on all platforms sky-rocketed and it’s easy to say that Emma Chamberlain was definitely one of the most popular influencers of 2018.

Among obtaining a large following and fame in 2018, Chamberlain can also take the credit in starting the “teddy bear coat” trend in 2018. In almost all of Emma’s old videos, she is seen wearing a brown, fuzzy, slouching jacket, now entitled “teddy bear coat”.

As Chamberlain’s following went up, so did the majority of teenage girls’ demand to have the exact same coat, and within weeks of her uproar in popularity the jacket was already seen in almost every store and was being worn or owned by almost every girl.

Major clothing companies such as Urban Outfitters and FashionNova got hold of the jacket, and made their own version of it in different colors and lengths, but the majority off the time it was seen slouchy in a beige color. The “teddy bear coat” trend has definitely followed up into the 2019 year, as it still obtains its’ popularity and is being worn by many on the daily.

From the rise of artists, influencers, games, songs, and fashion, overall, 2018 has been a year to showcase many different trends, and for the 2019 year we can only hope for the same.