Ceramics Molds Its Way into SJHHS Curriculum

Photo by Jessica Skolnik

Alexea Malaletkin, A&E Editor

POTS N’ STUFF: Students at SJHHS are introduced to a new medium of art. Jan Colt, Ceramics instructor, assists artists in developing their own masterpiece. Ceramics allows students to get hands on with clay and express themselves through their own creations. Photo by Jessica Skolnik.

San Juan Hills High School is well known for its artistic achievements and the opportunities provided to its students, which is why ceramics fits so perfectly into the offered curriculum.“This is the class for people who want to create things, which is why I call it a collaborative leadership course,” says Jan Colt, ceramics instructor.Throughout the course of the year, students will familiarize themselves with clay and techniques that have accumulated for centuries. A majority of students have no prior experience to the art, keeping the program open to anyone interested.  “I’ve never even touched clay before” says Sarah Kelly, ceramics student.A-G requirements call for at least one year of visual or performing arts in order to be admitted to a University. Ceramics fulfills the one year requirement by exposing students to another, less publicized medium.“You get to be hands on with clay and there are a lot of nice people” says Dillon Kohler. Kelly agrees, “This class is interesting… playing with the clay and messing around with the people in the class is great!”Despite the fact that the year has just begun, ceramics students have already established a couple of creations. “We’ve done an expressive face and a relief sign” says Johana Sanchez, who later continues, “[My favorite thing about the class is] exploring with clay and learning everything.”While most of the students agree with Maria Pastrana and Sabrina Shepardson that the best element of the class is “[getting] to work with the clay [and having] a free period,” Colt insists that “it takes a lot of patience and perseverance.” Although the program is still relatively new to the SJHHS campus, students seem to be taking a liking to the newest offering.