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RedBox VS. Netflix

Griffin Orlich, A&E Editor

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Times really are changing. 10 years ago the quickest way to rent/buy a movie was to go to stores such as Blockbuster. But now, there are no Blockbusters in sight. Instead,  there are mail/instant services, such as Netflix, and kiosk services like RedBox are available. But which one is better?

I would say Netflix has the advantage for reasons such as a wider range of titles, more convenient ways of getting content, and Netflix’s push into more original entertainment.

Netflix claims to have over 100,000 titles available for both DVD and instant streaming. They also have a combination of both new and older movies that help broaden their customers. While a single RedBox kiosk can only hold very few titles, and they are mainly newer titles. This a plus for people looking to watch a newer movie for cheap, however this doesn’t appeal for people looking to watch an older movie.

Another advantage Netflix has over RedBox is its ways that its customers can consume the products. With RedBox, a person can only get one movie at a time, and can only have that movie until they return it. Netflix has the same idea for its mail service, but Netflix’s instant streaming is currently unrivaled. Instant streaming allows for immediate access to thousands of movies, and something RedBox lacks: full seasons of TV shows.

The final reason why Netflix is a better service than RedBox is that Netflix has been been experimenting with producing its own content. They started their own programs such as House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey. The first season was released this past February and was met with high praise. Netflix also bought the rights to produce and distribute the cult classic Arrested Development, starring Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Michael Cera. Netflix will soon be showing the show’s fourth season, starting on May 26.

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