Parents Organize Prom for Seniors


Courtesy of the Parent Planning Committee

Parents around Orange County have been organizing proms/grad nights for students. SJHHS’ non-school affiliated prom is next in line, set and scheduled for May 29th.

Eva Smedeby and Julia Lehman

Because of the ongoing pandemic, students have had to miss out on many school events, including dances. However, that will all change soon, as a parent organized prom has been scheduled for students in late May.

The original idea came about when a group of SJHHS parents took note of the advertisements for non-school affiliated proms for other schools, and wanted to give SJHHS students, specifically seniors, that same opportunity. 

“We reached out to Tesoro’s planning committee and they introduced us to the event planner and helped us with the blueprint for how to make prom/grad night happen for our seniors,” said the Parent Planning Committee. 

Along with Tesoro and San Juan Hills are 6 other non-school affiliated dances for students in Orange County who are following this same blueprint. This prom design, unlike normal dances, evidently comes with additional safety features, in which organizers have been including in their advertisements since the beginning of its announcement.

“Like any other SJHHS dance, we will have a large security presence to ensure the safety of the students. There will also be breathalyzers and temperature checks before entry is allowed. Masks are required upon entry,” said the Parent Planning Committee.

Although the location is disclosed for safety precautions, the venue has held 2 successful proms without incident. The location in itself holds both outdoor and indoor areas, which makes it easier for students to have fun while maintaining some distance. It’s also organized to have a DJ, 3 photo booths, elevated stages, pool tables, a live swing band, drinks and desserts areas, and a s’mores station outside. 

We are planning to have exciting activities going on throughout the venue in order to help the students spread out and not all congregate in one area”

— the Parent Planning Committee

“We are planning to have exciting activities going on throughout the venue in order to help the students spread out and not all congregate in one area,” said the committee. 

Students are expected to be in formal attire upon entry, like any other dance, and are required to pay a $100 ticket fee for attendance.

This parent organized dance, which is not affiliated with SJHHS or CUSD, has been entitled “Maskerade Ball,” pun intended, and will take place Saturday, May 29th from 7 to 11 pm.

Due to the CDC guidelines for capacity, tickets are almost sold out, so if you were planning on attending, purchase yours before they’re sold out.