The story of San Juan as told by its students


The freshmen, without a doubt, have the hardest start this school year than any other grade. 

Being a freshman means starting at a new school with a new workload and new faces. Now add the challenge of distance learning and the many obstacles that come with it and you can clearly see that freshmen are dealing with an agenda like no other. 

Freshmen can either quickly readjust to the many new obstacles that are faced with, or fall behind in their classes and grades with little support to help them.

While more pressure is being piled on students, they cannot look forward to sports, as games and try-outs are unsure, especially for freshmen. Many students were counting on being in a team, and now the process will be much harder than they anticipated. Spots are limited and changes may be made to the tryouts. 

Unlike other classes who have experience in being on a team, freshmen are new to the whole process, and it is now made more complicated than ever. Some freshmen are even feeling discouraged to even try out for a team anymore. 

On top of all these new problems, freshmen are missing out on events that are crucial for the high school experience. Dances, pep-rallies, sporting events, and even orientation have been canceled until further notice. Even with the possibility of the school moving to a 50/50 format, it is unclear when ninth-graders have their first real day in high school. 

While on the subject of transitioning to a 50/50 schedule, other classes who chose this format can somewhat fall back into a groove because of their experience in the school. Freshmen who chose to go 50/50, however, have had no experience with the layout and will need to readjust to where all their classes are located.

While all classes are facing challenges, freshmen have a worse start than anyone else. Beginning high school is a very important step in your life, and the class of 2024 is completely missing out.

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