What’s a really specific superlative your friend would win?

June 9, 2020

Aileen Ramirez: Jill Dostis – Most likely to have fun at ballet.

Maddie Halliburton: most days in a row to consecutively get boba- Lexie Guzik

Savannah Wilson: most likely to get a free third- victor holcberg, ajay bhatia, tyler hsieh

Darin Patel: Always coming in clutch for Julien Sansverino
Noelle Christenson: Most likely to drive on the freeway -Brynn Christenson

Cameron Newman: Most likely to drop an an entire Trader Joes Mac N’ Cheese while explaining the plot of a musical- Bellise Sacchetto

Cayla Wood: One of my friends would win most likely to die their hair every two weeks.

Jackson Hirchag: Most Gossipy- Ethan Pope

Mia Brady: madison mede would win “most likely to fall down the stairs”

Ariana Quinonez: most car accidents in the school parking lot- brooke delorenzo

Emmanuel Mejia: Jason Diaz – Most to know what you’re feeling or thinking

Aaron Hernandez Diaz: Best wagon caretaker, you know who you are

Aidan Falk: Best dad bod- Brady Blackwell

Jessica Tonai: Mo Sen would win most likely to FaceTime you to ask just one question

Jordyn Apostoalche: Most likely to ask for data -Bella Jones

Tatum Sanchez: mercy roel would win most likely to go to college and room with tatum sanchez

Corinne Hunnicutt: maggie would win best workout buddy

Maggie Perry: Corinne Hunnicutt would win best workout buddy.

Nikki Leick: Lucy Hodge- Most likely to pull the “it’s my birthday month” card. Juliette Raubolt- Most likely to quit her day job and become a farmer.

Grace Aitken: Savannah Wilson- worst luck // Maddie Yi- most likely to say sorry for something she didn’t do // Sage Groves- most likely to win Survivor

Roman Panah: Luke Binoya is more scintillating than the stars.

Brynn Christenson: most likely to trip on a flat surface -noelle c

Victoria Schultz: Marti cohen- Would dance for matzah

Emma Breen: most likely to blow out their tire on the way to their ACT-savannah wilson

Una Sarayba: Maddie Yi- Most likely to marry a corn farmer

Helena Jefferson: Bella mincer would win not answering her phone because she it at the beach surfing or it’s 8pm and she is asleep.

Bethzy Felix: Biggest one to procrastinate- Marycarmen Rodrigo

John Donello: most likely to crash- maddie yi 

Shayla Mauerman: Most likely to go to UCSB and find a famous man to marry – Nikki Leick

Zack Van Blarcom: Most likely to only own a Subaru Outback as his only car for the rest of his life- Jack Baughman

Alyssa Niedziela: Audrey Ruiz- most addicted to Wahoo’s

Grace taylor: Mo Sen would get most indecisive

John Uhl: most likely to own the most expensive and yet worst car – evan kovaleski

Maddie Yi: Savannah Wilson- most likely to give THAT look when the person you both don’t like walks in

Natalie Reynolds: “Most likely to forget about the test”- Isabel fernald

Ashlynn Mathews: Most likely to be a vampire -Avery Bonnette

Makenzie Moncrief: Best Car- Julia Conover

Trevor Jones: Austin Shreeve – most likely to catch a snake in the bushes of a random party

Ajay Bhatia: Cooper Murr- Most likely to ignore you after getting your attention

Teoman Dogan: Most likely to contract a strange disease- Matthew Kolson

Sage Groves: my friend savannah would win “most likely to marry Sage’s celebrity crush”

From left to right: Erin Lindsey (12), Shayla Mauerman (12), Morgan Finelt (12), Riley Goodfellow (12), Una Sarayba (12), Maddie Yi (12), Lucy Hodge (12), Nikki Leick (12), Audrey Ruiz (12), and Corinne Hunnicutt (12) celebrate Maddie Yi winning homecoming queen.

Zach Rothman: Most likely to destroy anyone in limbo – skye lewis

Julia Wright: Most likely to have her own art gallery- Avery Bonnette

Gianmarco Psotka: Having a weird torso -Ian Fu

Sean Hutchinson: Riley goodfellow would win most likely to meet Obama

Ian Fu: most likely to to be a trophy husband- gmo

Vagelie Guillen: Worst focal hyperhydrosis- Nathan Morales

Lucas Verde: Most likely to pass out first – Drake Orr

Annie Zollinger: Julia Wright — Most likely to have breath mints in her bra. Ashlynn Mathews— most likely to win a Nobel Peace Prize but act like it’s no big deal

Keaton Silver: Eddie Rydell – Most likely to solve a Rubik’s cube on a pogo stick

Lochlan Brown: Biggest Brain – James Gaines

Riley Goodfellow: Most likely to be a goat- Kimora Farry

Alex White: Best driver-Abe Palmer/Josh Dostis

Maddie Mallen: Anabelle- Most dramatic

Malia Lynde: Elle Peloso- Most Likely to SCREAM all the words to September

Aimae Kehler: Bella mincer -most likely to get called out to surf

Brooke Delorenzo: most likely to marry chris brown- ariana quinonez

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