What have you been doing during quarantine?

June 9, 2020


Kate Meyers

Noelle Hansen (12) acts as Taylor Swift as she wins a Grammy in the winter formal pep rally. Alina Apostolache (12) and Dylan Curialle (12) pose behind her.

Isabel Royal: Baking

Aileen Ramirez: Doing my unnecessary overload of school work.

Bellise Sacchetto: I started a business. I’ve been doing 30 minute princess character FaceTime calls with kids and it grew so much that the city of Ladera Ranch has been doing weekly events with my business!

Darin Patel: Playing video games and interacting with some of my longer distance friends that I still keep in touch with.

Noelle Christenson: Making açaí bowls

Cayla Wood: Watching a lot of Netflix, hiking, and sleeping

Skye Lewis: literally what do u think

Jackson Hirchag: Playing Xbox with friends

Emmanuel Mejia: Homework, Talking with friends and lots of exercise

Jess Morey: i logged 180 hours on minecraft

Aaron Hernandez Diaz: Baking, helping run family business (ironically), piano

Maggie Perry: Gaining my freshman 15 a year early…

Anabelle Mahshi: watching way too many Netflix shows and sleeping

Nick Wyckoff: Not much quite frankly

Alina Apostolache: sleeping and learning Italian

Jason Diaz: Going on walks (distancing though)

Mary Rodrigo: watching criminal minds and grey’s anatomy, playing uno with my family, and going on hikes

Jocelyn Granados: I have been working, cooking, baking and going on bike rides.

Cami Baker: relaxing

Victoria Schultz: Sewing my prom dress, watching Gilmore girls

Jessica Tonai: Writing bad songs and having no concept of time

Luke Binoya: Playing video games, reading books, doing math, and making a website

Iman Palizi: Sleeping

Bella Mincer: Surfing, baking, and spending time with my family

Jordyn Apostoalche: Dancing, taking pictures and shopping

Sara Chong: sleeping, homework, reading

Isabelle Peloso: Cooking with my mom, painting, playing guitar, and facetiming friends.

Tatum Sanchez: online shopping just to feel something

Madison Robertson: Reading and writing books.

Valeria Fitz: Sleeping and going to work

Corinne Hunnicutt: baking cookies

Diana Acero: nothing

Emily Wale: Hiking, barbecues, the beach

Nikki Leick: A healthy combination of watching too much TikTok for my own good, but also going on runs and walks and bike rides and hikes.

Grace Aitken: Playing with my dogs

Sophie Weber: Learning how to embroider, reading, tanning, watching lots of TV

Maddie Halliburton: Making new zoom friends and baking

Roman Panah: Mastering the fine art of chess and yelling at coronavirus conspiracies

Grace Brummell: watching tv shows and movies, praying, talking to friends, and going on a lot of hikes and homework

Kaia Bogue: Spending time with my family

Brynn Christenson: I have been hiking, baking, watching Netflix, and going to the beach

Jillian Nine: Surfing as much as possible

Emma Breen: finding out i’m allergic to almonds

Bethzy Felix: Eating and watching Grey’s Anatomy

Ryan Forbes: playing Spikeball

Shayla Mauerman: Hanging out with my family, going to Emerald Bay, and getting school done really fast.

John Donello: Nothing

Zack Van Blarcom: Hanging out with family, playing guitar, binge watching disney plus, and learning how to make stained glass art

Sofia Whitaker: crying

Alyssa Niedziela: Working & sleeping

Grace taylor: Working out, eating and sleeping

Kiana Felix: Working at In-N-Out, homework, and watching Netflix 🙂

John Uhl: Working Out and watching Movies

Kiley Espineira: online shopping and running

Casi Newman: Working out

Edlin Garcia: Catching up with my old friends and preparing for a summer virtual teaching internship

Maddie Yi: hiking, crying, baking (in that order)

Emily Mattera: Working at Mc D’s

Cole Bourne: Training for a Marathon/Bingeing

Grace Ridgeway: sleeping & making lots of cookies

Kayley Lafreniere: going to the beach

Cameron Newman: Finishing puzzles, homework, and smoothies from Jamba juice

Natalie Reynolds: Started a contact free coffee delivery business

Lily Kloepfer: Exercising and a whole lot of nothing

Giselle Barough: i keep facetiming my friends even if they don’t want to

Marti Cohen: Exercising, painting and organizing a lot haha

Ashlynn Mathews: Sleeping

Juliana garcia: ghosting people

Makenzie Moncrief: Going to the beach and spending time with my family.

Lily Buchanan: Nothing

Mercy Roel: Online Shopping

Ashley Lopez: sewing and selling my clothes on depop

Trevor Jones: Working

Ajay Bhatia: Hanging out with friends online

Micah Edgerton: Lots of homework

Porter Flake: Working and playing music

Una Sarayba: Workout, be sad, sleep, facetime friends

Helena Jefferson: I have been baking, going to the beach, and hanging out with my family.

Teoman Dogan: Video games, hanging out with family, walking dog and hiking

Sage Groves: running

Drew Cox: I forgot

Brooke Montgomery: Tanning

Julia Wright: Working and homework


Gianmarco Psotka: Lots of video games and watching avatar (greatest TV show of all time)

Sean Hutchinson: Work and video games

David Morales: Just getting by

Noah Larson: Watching my family

Ian Fu: wat chi ing movies

Vagelie Guillen: Painting my dye table

Lucas Verde: I’ve played video games every day

Kimora Farry: Absolutely nothing

Annie Zollinger: Using every bit of self control I have to not do something stupid to my hair

Claire Sheehan: I have been working out and finishing up school work.

Caleb Sedgwick: Surfing, bronzing, watching Naruto, sewing a onesie, working out, and pursuing stoke.

Micah Edgerton: Lots of homework

Keaton Silver: Watching TV and Tiktok

Lochlan Brown: Gaming

Audrey Ruiz: getting organized and preparing for school

Reilly Cook: Made some senior quarantine merch and got a job

Allison Berger: Baking, cooking, animating and drawing

Avery Bonnette: Painting and working

Daniela Bagan: Painting shoes, Baking, Cooking, Making Clothes, Exercising and watching Broad City

Riley Goodfellow: Knitting

Andrew Arizala: Grinding on my friend’s minecraft server and stealing cars in GTA V.

Alex White: Preparing for AP’s and watching tv

Savannah Wilson: binging shows and sitting outside

Victor Holcberg: Eating

Milana Molnar: binge watching everything

Giselle Grajeda: Staying home and watching Netflix

Julianna Paris: becoming famous on tik tok

Lilly Goodyear: I’ve been writing quite a bit and spending quality time with my dog.

Lucy Hodge: Sleeping too much

Maddie Mallen: School and dance

Juliette Raubolt: Gardening and sitting outside doing nothing

Malia Lynde: Playing Animal Crossing

Brooke Delorenzo: boating

Sophie Schlesinger: sleeping

Kirsten Brehmer: Reading

Mia Brady: i’ve binged watched outerbanks 7 times

Ariana Quinonez: boating and working

Lexie Guzik: Netflix, Homework, reading

Evan Schrimp: Mostly schoolwork with some downtime to relax.

Liam Aguirre-Stanton: Doing homework, playing video games, painting miniatures, and practicing guitar and piano.

Weston Eichner: Working at Albertsons

Tarik Assami: Eating whatever my sister bakes that day

Sierra Starnes: Working and tanning

Stephanie Everastico: Watching anime, reading manga, and playing video games

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