Nikki Iyer

Covid-19 has forced the delay or cancellation of many activities and every class has been impacted in some way. But not every class was hurt equally. That leads to the question of who has had it worst. The freshmen, the sophomores, the juniors, or the seniors?

Which Class Has it Worst?


Alyssa Morrone, Staff Writer

The freshmen, without a doubt, have the hardest start this school year than any other grade.  Being a freshman means starting at a new school with a new workload and new faces. Now add the challenge of distance learning and the many obstacles that come with it and you can clearly see that freshmen are dealing with an agenda like no other.  Freshmen can either quickly readjust to the many n...


Nikki Iyer, Feature Editor

I’ve been told sophomore year hits you like a truck. It’s the year many take their first AP exam, while balancing honors classes, sports, extracurriculars, etc. But it’s also the year we start thinking about our futures.  The class of 2023 missed out on a good portion of their freshman year, which is said to be the fun year where you don’t have to worry about APs, hard classes or colleg...


Eva Smedeby, A&E Editor

There’s no question that senior students have received the short end of the stick, but their struggle isn’t quite as difficult as the class of 2022’s struggles. Amidst the chaos of starting AP classes, college preparation and newfound independence, juniors have it just as bad as seniors do- if not worse. First and foremost, let’s talk about the SAT and ACT. Although students are eligible to ...


Jack O'Connor, Co-Editor-In-Chief

From the loss of the start of senior year to not being able to go on college tours, this last year has been the absolute worst for the class of 2021.  Senior year is the most idolized part of high school and the class of 2021 won’t get to experience it in the same way that every other class has been able to for the past 50 years. For seniors, we will never truly have our first day of senior y...

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