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  • "Little Women" Premieres Jan. 23-26

  • Winter Formal Tickets On Sale Now!

  • SJHHS MUN Wins Four Awards At CVHS Conference

  • Virtual Enterprise Class Qualifies for State Competition

  • History Teacher Bill Kaiser Wins Teacher of the Year

  • Football Player Sean Rhyan Commits to UCLA

Ryan Healy
Ryan Healy is the most handsome person in the world. More realistically, he’s a sophomore (clearly the best class) and does stuff for The Express newspaper. His writing is informative, yet comedic. Hopefully it’s funny, right? This is his first year in newspaper, but certainly not the last. He specializes in comic book and movie knowledge. Ask him anything about Marvel or Star Wars, and he’ll give a lengthy explanation and back story. How do I know all this? I am Ryan Healy. (Or Spider-Man.)

Ryan Healy, Staff Writer

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