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Do I Look Slutty?

May 10, 2018

There is no way to be correct. No matter what a woman does, she is going to be criticized for it. Even as women are starting to be more empowered and encouraged to embrace their sexualities, slut shaming and prude shaming still is rife within our society. Simply put, we are dangerously stuck in the past.
Society is wrong, and it is tragic. The way we present our bodies does not give others the right to judge who we are on the inside. This idea also perpetuates misogynistic and sexist core beliefs.
Society has given women two labels: Slut or prude. There is simply no inbetween. We give these labels the power to make us feel dirty or ashamed, but this must come to an end. We, as human beings, are better than that.
Slut shaming is a society’s way of punishing a woman by labelling her “out-of-control” or “lacking self control,” especially when it comes to their sexual choices and experiences.
Most women have been slut shamed. Whether it’s for kissing too many boys or wearing a slightly revealing top, there is truly no way for a woman to do something right.
There’s always a number, a number which we let define us and others. The number of how many people someone has kissed, the number of how many people someone has slept with, the list goes on and on.
Everyone has a different idea of the “perfect number.” However, there is no perfect number. In fact, the number itself is irrelevant.
Just because someone has been with more people than someone else, does not make them a slut. Just because they’ve been with less does not make them a prude.
Prude-shaming is another toxic trend of society, and something immediately needs to be done to stop it.
Labels like these are arbitrary and serve to categorize people based on their sexual proclivities. Oftentimes they are also meant to be insulting – it’s gross to be a slut and lame to be a prude.
We all need to recognize that sex is a part of life. The physical and emotional value of a human isn’t based off their number of sexual partners.
Calling someone a slut or a prude isn’t the same as just calling someone stupid. Both words are nouns and are used to exploit a person’s private life. These words marginalize people, which exemplifies why labeling someone and noting a trait are completely different.
Women that use these harsh words against each other diminish any progress of empowerment. Standing up and sticking together is the one thing women have complete control over and yet they still don’t use it to its advantage.
Tearing other women down just says to men that it is okay for them to do the same.
In the same way, criticizing other women based off what they are wearing or how they act teaches men it is okay to do so and ultimately invites sexism and misogyny.
Whether one has sex on the first date or doesn’t kiss until the fifth, it is nothing but a personal choice. As long as it is consensual and they feel safe, it is HEALTHY and NATURAL. It is crucial that we all ingrain that into our minds rather than the idea that judging someone based on their sensuality is okay.
Sensuality is just one aspect of a person. The way someone dresses, or how they act, or how much or little sex a person is having absolutely does not define them.

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